About Eagle Biznet

EAGLE Biznet is a business network bringing together Yorkshire-based Nigerian entrepreneurs, to create a formidable support system; adding value to our businesses, the local communities and to motherland by extension.


To provide a platform for development and growth of Nigerian entrepreneurship and stimulate enterprise in the Nigerian community.

Strategic Aim:

To facilitate the development and delivery of appropriate business support services to improve the competitiveness of Nigerian entrepreneurs / businesses in the region.

To work in partnership with key strategic organisations in the private and public sectors to ensure that services provided by the Nigerian BizNet members match and exceed the needs of the Nigerian Entrepreneurs / businesses in the city.

To work towards strengthening the capacity of Nigerian enterprise/business, raising it from the margins to mainstream and by extension People of African descent


Start-ups and established business owners


Training events to enable ‘thinkers’ to become ‘start-ups’ and start-ups to grow into established, growing businesses. Networking, future joint working and business referrals will be key elements of our Breakfast Meetings, webinars, Annual Conferences, etc.

The first Business Breakfast meeting held on Saturday 1st October 2016.


£120.00 per annum per person payable as one-off or in instalments; following referral to the network

For further information please email: admin@eaglebiznet.uk or call 07888705453.